There is a common echo in the Image Building Systems headquarters: “Yes, that should be pre-eng”. Advances in technology have really shattered the common preconceptions about pre-engineered metal buildings. We are now building taller and with larger spans that we had ever dreamed of. These technological advances have now been around for a while, and we can now show proof of larger pre-eng buildings standing the test of time. Those buildings are drawing the attention of contractors with one question on their mind “This was designed as structural steel; do you think we could do something like this pre-eng?”

We all know the value of pre-engineered metal buildings. pre-eng gets your building built quicker and on a smaller budget. We save time on the front end and we save time during construction. Everyone’s favorite subcontractor is the sub that gets their work done on time and under budget, and that is what pre-eng is famous for.

For year’s we’ve seen car dealerships, churches, garages, airplane hangars, and schools erected as pre-engineered metal buildings. We are now seeing professional sporting arenas, large commercial warehouses, and universities erected as pre-eng.

If you are thinking about how you might find some room on your bid, or some time in your schedule, that should be pre-eng.