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Image Building Systems is a Commercial Pre-engineered Steel Building Contractor in Arizona and Nevada specializing in designing, fabricating and installing pre-engineered metal buildings, steel buildings, fabric buildings and shade structures. As the premier Arizona and Nevada steel building contractor we travel throughout the Southwest installing buildings of all sizes for a diverse customer base. We do not go by any corny mission statement, because we believe every customer’s needs are unique. Putting the customer FIRST ensures we work diligently to maintain lifelong references and guaranteed satisfaction. We will handle all of your needs with the highest level of communication, professionalism and quality, on time and within budget. IBS is a Arizona Steel Construction Company located in Phoenix, AZ.

Design, supply and delivery of superior, competitively priced Steel Buildings, standard or custom, all will be designed for your site and to fit your needs, all steel framed buildings will meet the rigid AISC Standards.  Get a fast and free quote today!


Commercial Steel Buildings

Computer technology has increased the scope of Image Building Systems product line until the words “standard product” have become a misnomer. Rectangular, gabled pre-engineered metal buildings are still an important part of the marketplace while offering attractive and functional facilities.


Industrial Steel Buildings

Often times, heavy industrial applications require special design consideration for material handling systems. Our computer designed structural systems are easily adapted to the special loads that these features require. Our professionals design structures and factories with unique storage, conveyor and crane systems.


Manufacturing Plants

As manufacturing processes become more high-tech oriented, so do the physical facilities that protect a company’s investment in equipment. Image Building Systems can give that protection and provide a corporate style manufacturing plant that will allow you to be competitive and to grow within your marketplace.


Recreational Steel Buildings

Recreation facilities vary greatly in design and function. Space, maintenance, cost, and durability are major concerns when planning any recreational or sports facility. Making these concerns minor is what Image Building Systems does by providing attractive, functional, expandable recreation buildings.

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Arizona Metal Buildings designs, and Quality Steel Buildings, we are your best choice for Pre Engineered, Metal Buildings in Arizona, Steel Building Kits, Commercial Mini Storage, Boat and RV Storage Buildings, Business Parks, Industrial Parks. For large or small projects throughout Arizona the U.S.

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One Fabric pull from distanceBuying a steel buildings in Arizona is an excellent way to put up a building quickly and efficiently. You can easily purchase a steel building kit to suit your needs for a workshop, storage building or even a gardening shed. However, how you go about planning, researching companies, figuring costs, purchasing and getting the proper building permits must all come together to complete the process.


Once you’ve determined that you want to purchase a building, you should give some thought as to the primary purpose of the building or if it will have multiple purposes. Other items you should consider include:

  • What size of a building meets my requirements?
  • Will a peaked roof meet my needs or is a flat roof sufficient?
  • How many square feet of space is needed?
  • Are insulation and power a necessity or just a wish?
  • Should the design include a small door or would a full-sized sliding door be more efficient?

Figuring Costs

Unless you’re purchasing just a small building kit for basic storage, there may be several other costs you need to take into consideration before making a purchase.

  • Interior Finishing
  • Insulation
  • Plumbing
  • Electricity
  • Taxes
  • Foundation
  • Permits

Building Permits

Check with your state-zoning department to determine what size of building would be permitted and any restrictions on designs or the location on the property. Purchase required permits to comply with the laws in your community.

Once you have completed the planning stage, you should check with the zoning department to make sure any small details have not been overlooked before you begin shopping for a reputable steel buildings contractor in Phoenix Arizona.

The Sensible Choice: Arizona Steel Buildings

cubs_18Putting up a new building is a challenging project. Whether it’s a shed, barn, garage, house, warehouse, office, store or church, you want it to look nice and last for years. That’s why many home and business owners are choosing Arizona steel buildings for their new construction.

According to the Metal Building Manufacturers Association, more and more people are choosing this material because it offers flexibility, speedy construction time, durability and a wide range of design options.

Here is a look at five major advantages that Arizona steel buildings offer.


Steel is impervious to problems that are inherent with wood construction.

These include:

  • Rot
  • Mold
  • Shrinking
  • Pests like termites and ants
  • Structural defects from knots and splits

They stand up to the damaging effects of fire, earthquake and other natural disasters. They can handle weather extremes like hurricanes, snow, sleet, hail, rain and high and low temperatures much better than wood.

Speed of Construction

Steel building components are pre-engineered at the factory. Wood buildings are constructed on the property. Our components are pre punched and bolt together quickly.

This reduces the time it takes to complete a home or smaller building from weeks to just days. And larger commercial structures can be finished in a matter of weeks instead of months.


Steel buildings are cheaper to complete for five reasons.

  1. Pre-assembly. Many components are cut and prepared at the plant to fit together easily on the construction site. This reduces labors costs substantially.
  2. Lower labor costs.
  3. Insurance savings. Because of their strength and ability to resist fire, these buildings often qualify for lower premiums.
  4. Long life span. These buildings last for many years with minimal repair and upkeep.
  5. Design Options

Steel buildings have a range of design possibilities. They no longer look like the corrugated tin or Quonset huts of decades ago. The exteriors can be finished to look like traditional buildings.

You can choose traditional finishes like stucco, wood or brick. You can also use panels for the walls and roof that come in a wide assortment of colors and textures.


Steel buildings are 100% recyclable. Instead of the 40 to 50 trees used in a typical wood structure, you can construct a steel building that uses the equivalent of six old scrapped cars, according to the Steel Recycling Institute.

Most steel building products do not release pollutants into the atmosphere like wood products that have been treated. The cool metal roofs help lessen the effect on climate change.  And they are energy efficient. Arizona steel buildings reduce heating and cooling loss substantially.

When it is time to choose the material for your building, consider steel, an attractive alternative to wood. Arizona steel buildings are affordable, long-lasting, good looking and easy on the environment.

Pre Engineered Steel Buildings

Lees Ferry2Pre-engineered steel buildings are a very convenient and relatively low cost alternative to using conventional construction methods and materials on buildings, and they have advantages which are making them very popular. They can be used for any number of functions, including something as big as an airplane hangar, or something as small as a simple storage unit.

What is a pre-engineered steel building?

In essence, a pre-engineered steel building is one that has been constructed using a steel framing system, upon which is constructed a metal roof, and which is sided by wall panels that are also made of metal. While they can be built to almost any dimensions requested, once designed they must adhere to very precise specifications so that on-site assembly goes smoothly, and building integrity is achieved.

Also factoring into the design of a steel building are any issues relative to load-bearing, potential environmental impacts, and any local building codes that may apply. Most often, all the components for pre-fabricated buildings are made off-site and then shipped to the location where the building is to be erected.

Advantages of pre-engineered steel buildings

One of the most appealing features of these kinds of buildings is that they are very cost-effective, and can be constructed for considerably less than the cost of a similarly-sized building, that would be designed and built using conventional materials and methods. Pre-engineered buildings can usually be constructed in a much shorter period of time than their conventional counterparts, which leads to another cost savings.

These buildings are also very customizable, and can be built for almost any specific application that the owner has in mind. Pre-engineered buildings are also extremely strong, being very durable and resistant to practically all kinds of weather – even snowstorms, high winds, and potential damage from hail.

With the wide open interior spaces of a pre-engineered steel building, there are literally endless opportunities for storage and other creative usage. Because these buildings are tightly sealed, they require much less insulation than standard buildings, and are therefore generally more energy-efficient than conventional buildings. In warm weather, the design and material selection of their roofing can act to deflect the warmest rays of the sun, maintaining a cool interior and reducing energy costs for the cooling system.