Custom Metal Buildings Insights

As the scope and size of metal buildings continue to expand it is important to look at how far the industry has come. In 1941 when Quonset Huts were beginning to be manufactured out of North Kingstown, Rhode Island’s Quonset Point Navy Base (famed as the home of the SeaBees, the Navy’s construction battalion) nobody would have imagined the stadiums and arenas being built today as metal buildings.

The original Quonset Hut footprint was 16’ x 36’ and was shaped like a half pipe. Even decades after the war in the 1950s and 60s there were substantial limits on metal building height and span. These early metal buildings started to gain attention for being inexpensive, being easy to erect, quick to erect and lasting longer than their conventional wood construction counterparts. Being made up of just a few different individual pieces the buildings were easily engineered and easily approved by zoning boards across the country. All of these factors led to considerable metal building construction across the country. They were however limited to metal buildings that were unmistakably metal buildings.

Only recently, with improvements in Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Engineering, have metal buildings undergone a renaissance. Across the country hockey arenas, churches, large warehouses, and community centers are custom designed and erected as metal buildings. These structures while pre-engineered are now designed specifically for their use by metal building contractors and erectors. This purpose-built design used by companies like Image Building Systems has allowed businesses to continue to expand their ideas of what is possible within the metal buildings industry.

While the metal building industry continues to expand, at Image Building Systems we think the moniker of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings has become dated. After 4 decades of CAD and CAE improvements in our industry, it’s now time our buildings were known not only for efficiency but for their design flexibility. Please consider this the beginning of the Custom Designed Metal Buildings Industry. While we can now be as versatile as structural steel, Custom Designed Metal Buildings are still clearly the best option for those looking to save time and money.

Give us a call and find out how a Custom Designed Metal Building could help save your company millions over structural steel.

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