Essential Facility Buildings in Arizona

Essential Facility Building

Facility buildings are an essential building category. These are the buildings that keep our communities safe and are critical in an emergency. Fire stations, police, public utility buildings, and national defense sites are specially categorized and engineered accordingly. Pre-engineered metal buildings are perfect for this type of use because of their sturdiness, durability, and low maintenance requirements.

Versatility is key as all municipalities require these types of structures in a range of environments in Arizona, but also want them to seamlessly fit into the community where they’re built.

20 years ago, these used to stick out like a sore thumb; obvious and ugly. These days, you may drive right by one without even realizing it’s there. Block and brick are popular, as well as roof lines that integrate into the character of the neighborhood. Let us help you keep the community safe and cared for with our steel buildings!