Westworld Scottsdale


Image Building Systems and FCI Constructors recently renovated the City of Scottsdale’s 121,600 square foot WestWorld special events facility, home to the world famous Barrett-Jackson Auto Show.

The original facility was purchased by the City of Scottsdale in 2005 with dimensions of 320 feet wide by 380 feet long and 90 feet high. Both the structure itself and the covering material were recently in desperate need of a renovation. The residents of Scottsdale were increasingly displeased with this massive facility covered with a faded American flag that was proving visually obtrusive in its desert surroundings. Growing neighborhood disapproval along with the general deteriorating physical condition of the facility led the City of Scottsdale to seek a makeover for one of its most recognizable structures.

FCI Constructors was the responsive bidder and promptly hired Image Building Systems as the Prime Subcontractor responsible all of the work associated with the structural repairs and the removal and replacement of the tent fabric. 10,000 yards of Italian made Naizil vinyl-coated material was shipped to the United States and fabricated by Aztec Tents out of Torrance, California for retro-fit onto the existing structure. Image Building Systems structurally upgraded the existing facility, added a perimeter concrete curb and coordinated the install of the new material. The new fabric features a tan exterior with a black-out interior to control the lighting effects associated with the internationally televised Barrett-Jackson Auto show that takes place in the facility annually.

Building Specifications

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