Our Awards

In Recognition:

IMAGE BUILDING SYSTEMS was recognized by one of our partner building suppliers this year at the national sales conference! Star Building Systems’ Master Builder Awards Program is designed to recognize Star Builders for excellence in design and construction and to encourage professionalism in the building industry. Star Builders, utilizing Star quality products, set the standard for metal building construction across the country. Star’s Master Builder Awards recognize those Builders for their accomplishments.

2021 Top Metal Builder in Arizona

Metal Construction News has now released their 2021 list of the largest metal builders in the United States. Every year Image has increased our tonnage and square footage, growing rapidly in a highly competitive industry. With just under 800,000 tons of steel, Image Building Systems now holds the title of #1 Metal Builder in Arizona.

Top Builders by Sq Feet    |    Top Builders by Tonnage

2015 Master Builder Award - Best of Schools

In the School Category, the winner is this unique technical school. The striking design, made up of 6 buildings, incorporates hips and valleys between the buildings, soffits, cranes, dormers and a Star mezzanine. Because welding is taught at the school, the client wanted to showcase a steel building. They chose BattenLok for the roof and gallery blue PBR for the walls. Painted structural accents the interior. The winner is Image Building Systems for Northland Pioneer College Skills Center.

2015 Master Builder Award - Best of Large Warehouse

In the Large Warehouse category, the winner is this beautiful 80,000 sq. ft. warehouse shipping terminal. Two other structures, totaling 11,000sq. ft., complete the project. The buildings utilized PBR on both the roof and walls. Conventional construction was used for the office portion of the main building. The winner is Image Building Systems for R & L Carriers Terminal.