So what is a pre-engineered metal building? A pre-engineered metal building is a metal building that has been designed to meet a wide range of structural needs. A pre-engineered metal structure is made up of beams welded together to create a frame that can be utilized and customized to meet many structural design schemes. This is a very basic definition, as with a reliable, experienced steel frame building contractor, pre-engineered metal buildings can be complete design-build projects that can be erected with specific architectural design schemes in place. Many businesses benefit from investing in pre-engineered metal buildings to grow their companies simply because pre-engineered metal structures usually require less money and less time to erect.

There are quite a few very specific advantages of pre-engineered metal buildings. Take a look below at the few of the benefits pre-engineered metal buildings can provide:

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Save You Time

Standard construction cycles are generally long processes, from bid to design to construction to completion. The construction cycle of pre-engineered structures is typically weeks, even months, less than standard construction cycles, promising results in a timely manner.

One of the reasons the construction cycle for pre-engineered structures is shorter is because these structures have clear, concise construction diagrams with components that have preconfigured numbers and pre-cut structural elements. Pre-engineered steel frame buildings can be finished in half the time standard construction normally requires.

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Have Beneficial Cost Savings

There are huge cost savings in investing in a pre-engineered steel building instead of standard construction – as much as half, even. Conventional construction places costs on many factors that may not come into play with pre-engineered metal buildings, given that many areas of the job are completed beforehand. Many companies choose to invest in a combination of pre-engineered building construction as well as traditional construction in order to receive fully customized results. This choice saves a considerable amount of up-front costs, as well.

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Are Low Maintenance

There is technology today that allows for long-lasting, durable finishes and construction elements regarding pre-engineered metal building. Longterm maintenance with these types of structures is very low, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and design or your building for many years to come. Metal buildings need less maintenance than similar structures of other materials and components. Steel is resistant to rust and corrosion, can be painted to fit newer design needs, and is resistant to many types of harsh weather condition. Because of this, pre-engineered steel buildings are a wise investment. They provide longevity, reliability and peace of mind. These buildings are built to last with the highest-grade material available. Designed with above standard components, they are built to serve their purpose for many years.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Provide Endless, Flexible Design Options

One of the greatest things about a pre-engineered metal building is that it can be fully customized and designed to meet an array of options. These buildings can be designed for all types of functions, from commercial to worship to transportation. Within the overall function are endless design options and even ways you can later expand, should your needs require it. Pre-engineered buildings are wise for businesses planning on growing, or companies that need wide, column-free space for an array of different needs. Because these durable structures have so many design options, you are given great flexibility with your structure’s entire interior layout.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Provide Energy Efficiency

Pre-Engineered metal buildings are generally constructed to be energy efficient and cost effective regarding energy overheads. These structures can be insulated with fiberglass or rigid board that makes for a tightly-sealed structure that helps to keep heating and cooling expenses down. Along with that option, these buildings are available in an array of low-profile roofs and roof colors, which drastically help reduce energy costs. These pre-developed steel structures are also ecologically-friendly, as they are created with construction materials that are 99% recyclable. 

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Are Strong & Durable

Metal buildings are known for their strength and durability against many types of harsh weather conditions. Metal buildings can survive strong winds, massive dust storms, powerful downpours and snowstorms. They are dependable and unyielding. They are also more likely to survive these types of weather conditions than any other type of construction.

But strength and durability don’t just apply to weather resistance. It also applies to the way a building withstands and protects itself against other issues that come with time and age, such as pests and termites, undergrowth and general use. Pre-engineered metal buildings are known for their strength to these other types of standard elements.

This is only the start of the many benefits of pre-engineered metal buildings. These steel structures are a wise investment for almost any type of company looking to build or expand. When you need a building that is cost-effective, timely to erect and long-lasting, this is the right type of structure in which to invest.