Project bookers, architects, and construction workers alike are probably most familiar with what is known as traditional construction. Extremely common and trusted over time, an engineer or an architect is the coordinator that works with construction contractors as these buildings are created, with all parties seeing the work through from the beginning until the end.

Why Traditional Construction Isn’t the Only Way to Go

Traditional construction typically follows a three-step process. First, the engineer or architect will design the project. Next, bidding takes place to fund the project and get extra staffing if necessary. Lastly, the team actually completes construction on the building. This process can be very time-consuming and costly. There are actually more efficient and affordable ways to design and construct buildings though, such as using pre-engineered metal buildings instead.


Just like an architect, contractor, or engineer must consider with each project, during the making of pre-engineered metal buildings, many factors are deliberated for safety and long-term use. These include the ability for the building to deflect certain weather, the amount of bay space, bearing point spacing, the roof angle, and the potential effects of wind.

Of course, a contractor that is considering using these buildings for the first time may be concerned about the rate of human error, something which is truly unavoidable. When designing regular or custom pre-engineered buildings though, computer software is also used, including programs that display all parts of the building in accurate 3D. This saves time and eliminates the chances of mistakes.

Whether you are just getting a construction business started or you’re a seasoned veteran with years of experience and projects under your belt, you probably have noticed that the field is slowly yet surely changing. By sticking to traditional construction methods, you’re losing out on a lot of productivity and opportunities for added revenue. While pre-engineered metal buildings may not be right for every single project, they can certainly be the solution for many of them.

These buildings are quite advantageous in a number of ways. As mentioned, they’re accurate. With the use of 3D computer programs, you can preview what the design looks like. While blueprints will always be a necessary component to construction projects, their 2D view comes across as limiting once you can see what your building will look like on a computer screen.

Besides that, they’re much faster to construct. Due to the similar design of building to building, a lot of extra time doesn’t need to go into measuring and weighing parts. Instead, engineers and construction workers can believe in the trustworthy design of these metal projects. With a formula that has been proven to work again and again, buildings can go up quicker. That leaves more time to take on other projects.


Also, as mentioned, there’s a degree of customization that prevents excessive uniformity. It’s possible to make these buildings bigger, smaller, wider, or taller than the original design. You don’t even have to learn a new trade to do so, as traditional construction measures work here. By painting the steel, these can be any color under the sun. That leaves plenty of room for architects to explore.

Of course, everyone, including construction companies, wants to save money. With these metal buildings, you can do so in three ways. It’s possible to reduce the overall project cost by about 50 percent in some cases since these arrive partially built. Of course, as cost-effective as a construction project may prove to be at the beginning, if a building begins to fall apart or needs a lot of regular maintenance after a few years, that extra saved money vanishes on upkeep. The steel and metal used for these buildings is sturdy and heavy-duty. It’s able to handle changes in weather like heavy winds or rain.

Overall, before you beginning the lengthy process of bidding for your next construction project, consider using pre-engineered metal buildings instead. With their customization, lasting design, and money-saving capabilities, these are a wise choice.