Luke AFB Week 2

The construction process is one that can normally be very time-consuming. First, an engineer or architect must design the building, getting the contractor’s final approval. Once the blueprint is ready, bids are made to find the right team to financially support and work on the project. Only then can the actual construction begin, which can take weeks or months to finish if not longer in some instances.

If a customer wants to customize their house or commercial building, this can practically double the amount of time needed to complete the above process. Now the engineer or architect must work closely with the customer to put all of their ideas down to paper. This may also become a challenge during construction. While traditional construction measures are often the most obvious choice, steel building erection is the better option when it comes to custom architecture.

Steel Building Custom Architecture

Also known as pre-engineered metal buildings, these structures come pre-designed and partially built to save the construction team time, money, and resources. The design uniformity is ideal for quickly erecting buildings for a project, but at any time, these can be customized in various ways. Architects may want these metal buildings longer or shorter as well as with an extra story or two.

Just because these structures are made quickly doesn’t detract from their quality. Quite the opposite, actually; steel beams are connected by welding to make up the sturdy base. They feature a low amount of support columns, giving the final buildings plenty of open space for any sort of use both commercial and residential. While the look of steel is impressive, if it comes off as too industrial for a project, construction workers can easily paint the metal to a more suitable color.

Due to this tough steel, when bad weather inevitably rolls in, these buildings will not waver. Heavy rains, snowstorms, and whipping winds are no match for the construction of pre-engineered metal buildings. Factors like humidity will not affect the structure over time, nor will annoyances like termites, which can be particularly deadly to any building made with wood.

An architect now knows that these metal structures don’t need much maintenance, which makes them a worthwhile investment, and that they don’t take much time to build. This time savings gives the architect more opportunities to work on designs for future projects. Another way in which these customized buildings are a wise choice is in the ability to be greener and better on the environment.

Energy Savings & Other Benefits

The energy savings that you can enjoy from pre-engineered metal buildings are plentiful. During the partial construction, you can opt to choose low-profile roofs. You can also add a wooden board or fiberglass insulation core. Insulation is a great way to save money on your energy bill. Instead of cranking up your heater during the winter and blasting your air conditioner in the hotter months, insulating a building reduces that need.

Besides the cash that you can retain from less maintenance and a lower energy bill, you can even lower the overhead on your construction project. Designing and erecting a building from start to finish can be quite expensive, as mentioned. When you choose a pre-engineered metal building, you can cut your overall construction prices by a large percentage. With partially built structures, your construction team doesn’t have to work as long, resulting in increased savings.

Of course, if you don’t want to completely abandon the comforts of traditional construction, you don’t have to. As mentioned, with plenty of room for customization, you can add your own personal touches on pre-engineered metal buildings until they meet the specifications that a customer asked for. These buildings are paving the way for the future of construction. Before an architect begins their next project, they should consider ways to implement pre-engineered metal buildings into the design. With their cheaper costs and time-effectiveness, these can benefit any construction firm.