Pre-Manufactured Steel Buildings Offer Design Options

Pre-Manufactured steel buildings are growing in popularity for many architects because of their flexibility, durability and multi-use functionality. Although the traditional rectangular shapes with gable roof are pervasive, more and more people are realizing that steel building and design can go hand in hand.

Steel is a very reliable and durable material and the pre-manufactured steel buildings industry now works closely with building owners and their designers to create new and innovative shapes and styles.

For example, many churches and especially family life centers are now built from pre-manufactured steel buildings. Churches love the clear span interiors for the flexibility they offer for indoor sports, large audience participation and easy rearranging of furniture. Because there are no load bearing walls or interior piers, there no “bad seats” for any venues with pre-manufactured steel buildings.

Audio-video equipment, sound systems, HVAC equipment, lighting are all much easier to design and work with using combining steel building and design strategies.

Design Diversity and Steel Buildings

Architects and building designers consider pre-manufactured steel buildings for aviation, agriculture use, retail store, recreational, worship, industrial, manufacturing, auto, parking lots and more.

All the steel and design considerations allow owners to easily customize the pre-manufactured steel buildings to fit almost any requirement.

Metal buildings easily accommodate large space requirements. They can include columns when there are ultra large spans or there are column-free designs with a wide range of color options and an incredible range of structural options that designers and architects appreciate. Building owners and property managers especially like steels buildings and design because they are pre-engineered and manufactured in a controlled environment prior to on-site assembly.

Benefits to Pre-Manufactured Steel Buildings

Recent studies show that the cost per square foot for pre-manufactured steel buildings is significantly lower than other building material options and architects appreciate these additional benefits to steel buildings and design:

  • Lower Cost of Ownership – steel is the most economical alternative when considering lifetime of a building
  • Flexible Designs – buildings are built to accommodate many types and styles of building
  • Easier to Retrofit – it is much easier to add on to and expand metal buildings because of their modular design
  • Project Completed More Quickly – most pre-engineered metal buildings are completed in about half the time it takes for other building materials
  • Structural Integrity – with steel as their fundamental component, pre-engineered metal buildings offer better integrity than any other material
  • Longer Warranties – because the mean time to failure for pre-engineered metal buildings is so high, manufacturers offer significantly longer warranties than other materials

Whenever an architect is looking to use steel building and design as the cornerstone of a new complex, they are presented with plenty of structural designs and affordable options with pre-manufactured steel buildings.

One of the most popular designs for steel buildings and design offers “free span” internal space for pre-manufactured steel buildings. Building owners and property managers have expanded flexibility for interior design, because there are no restrictions presented by internal columns. Pre-manufactured steel buildings stand the test of time providing long term benefits and the lowest possible long term cost of ownership.