The uses for pre-engineered metal buildings have been greatly underestimated in the last few decades, as PEB technology has increased to meet the demand of customers. Today pre-engineered buildings can be constructed for a host of different types of purposes and groups. One group that can greatly be served through pre- engineered buildings are small businesses.

Small businesses face their own specific types of obstacles when it comes to location selection and office/warehouse construction. For many small business owners renting office/warehouse space is not a cost effect means of obtaining business space. These business owners want to establish an independent location from which they can conduct their business or store their inventory. Pre-engineered buildings make this possible. At first thought it may seem that PEBs are an expensive solution, but when factors such as construction, maintenance and replacement are considered, it is easy to see how the savings can actually be quite substantial.


Steel framed buildings have, over all, greater structural strength, than many wood frame structures. Clients which utilize PEB metal construction find it to a more cost effective and weather resistant solution to business location than traditional building construction. These are especially important factors for small business owners conducting business in areas of the country that experience harsh weather conditions.

Faster Construction

When a business is in the process of construction many other aspects of business operations must be slowed or put on hold entirely. This means that for many small business owners construction on a building also means a slow in income. This can be stressful and worrisome to the business owner. However, because the construction time for PEBs is so much faster than that of traditional construction, business owners can worry less and look forward to the future. Because pre-engineered kits can be erected by smaller crews, costs can be saved at every step of the project.

Wider Design Options

Although in the past, PEBs were primarily limited to plain rectangular buildings, recent innovations in pre-engineered building construction have brought to customers greater design capabilities. Today small business owners can anticipate a stylishly designed building that reflects their company’s modern attitude and appeals to their customers.

Easy Maintenance

One of the most attractive aspects of PEBs would be the decreased amount of maintenance that small business owners can look forward to. Pre-engineered metal buildings do not face the same types of wear and tear that wooden structures fall victim to. Materials used are resistant as well as corrosion resistant. Exteriors are easily painted if preferred, and the materials stand up to well wind, snow and in some cases even fire. When metal buildings are constructed using proper footing they can remain in good operation for twenty to thirty years.


One aspect of pre-engineered metal buildings that make them a perfect choice for small business owners is that the structures can be ordered in  a variety of sizes or dimensions in order to fit your specific company’s needs. When fire prevention is especially important, as in the case of companies which will be storing flammable items, owners can rest assured that metal framed buildings are excellent at containing flames in order to keep them from spreading to adjacent buildings where flammable items may be stored.

Energy Efficient

One aspect of pre-engineered buildings that is often overlooked is their capacity for increasing energy efficiency for business owners. Energy costs are a huge part of overhead that many business owners struggle to deal with each month. However, PEBs can be constructed as air tight structures. When insulation is added, these structures can be very cost effective when it comes to your energy bills. Other energy savings benefits can include low profile roofs and roofs colors which are proven to drastically drop energy costs for business owners.

Environmentally Friendly

As environmental awareness has increased in the last few decades, businesses are finding new and innovative ways to save materials and recycle when possible. This fact makes a huge difference in the environmental impact that a construction project has. This is important to small business owners who wish to keep environmental awareness at the forefront of their operations.

Pre-engineered building construction is a special type of construction that is sure to meet the special needs of the small business owner. If it is time to expand or “set up shop” in a new location, PEBs could be just the construction solution your company is looking for.