Pre-designed Steel Buildings

Pre-designed steel buildings are far more cost efficient than all other forms of commercial construction. Their increased popularity in the last sixty years is “proof positive” that building owners prefer pre-designed steel buildings over all other forms of construction.

This post explains why business owners and property managers now choose steel over alternatives, why it is good for construction, how steel parts for buildings are manufactured, where most of the world’s steel is mined, and how pre-engineered steel buildings are solid, reliable, cheaper than traditional construction and beneficial to many businesses.

Iron Ore is the Fundamental Component of Steel

Iron, the core element used in the production of steel, has been in use for over 6000 years. Iron is the fourth most common element in the earth’s crust and when combined with carbon and other alloys to produce steel, was used to build some of the greatest structures of the 19th century—the Eiffel Tower, the Capitol, the Statue of Liberty. In its native state, iron ore is actually very malleable. It is not until combined with small amounts of carbon and other alloys that it gains the durability needed for pre-designed steel buildings. Raw iron ore corrodes and rusts so the addition of the alloys makes it more viable as the fundamental material used in steel construction.

Types of Steel and How They are Made

There are four main types of steel including carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel and stainless steel. The majority of steel produced and the steel used in pre-designed steel buildings is called carbon steel although it actually contains less than one percent of carbon. This is what most people think of when they think of steel and it is the core component of steel construction.

Advantages of Pre-designed Steel Buildings include

  • Lower Cost Over Time
  • Flexible Designs
  • Easier to Retrofit
  • Project Completed More Quickly
  • Structural Integrity
  • Longer Warranties

Pre-designed steel buildings are built using common or carbon steel that is produced from iron ore, the second most common metal in the earth’s crust.  Steel is a highly durable and long lasting material that has been used to construct pre-designed steel buildings for many decades.