Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings are a Great Choice for Commercial Buildings

Pre-engineered metal buildings offer an excellent choice for nearly every type of commercial, industrial and public building. They offer so many advantages over other building materials, they have become the “gold standard” option for building design in many commercial applications.

Because of their clear span” interior they are a clear choice for equipment storage, storage buildings and warehouse facilities. However, pre-engineered metal buildings are now also utilized by shopping centers, schools, office buildings and even churches.

Choosing the Right Building for the Situation

Constructing a new building or replacing an existing one is one of the most important decisions a business owner or manager of an organization can make. As it’s important to get it right the first time,  pre-engineered metal buildings may be the best option available for many situations previously not considered.

Pre-engineered metal buildings come in various sizes and styles. There are more traditional rectangular “straight wall” styles with gable roofs used in retail stores, office buildings and more. It is easy to add an office building to a warehouse style building of all sizes. You can also “design your own” pre-engineered metal buildings for mini storage and buildings of all kinds.

Because it is easy to design, construct and maintain low profiles, pre-engineered metal buildings are great in the aviation industry for hangers, maintenance, office buildings and other uses. They are also used extensively in agriculture for storing corrosive materials and farm equipment.

From Material Costs to Completion: A Look at Pre-Engineered Architecture

When considering pre-engineered metal buildings, business owners need to look at material costs and all the steps in the building process to design to completion.

To begin, it is wise to understand the base material being considered and since steel is by far the most durable of all construction materials, it is a good choice even though at the outset, it may seem more expensive that other materials. For a long lasting, durable alternative, nothing beats steel so a business owner is wise to consider the full cost of ownership over the lifetime of the building vs. simply the initial acquisition cost.

When one considers the replacement and maintenance costs associated with other materials, steel is always the winner. Steel required very little maintenance, withstands the ravages of weather over time and maintains its structural integrity far better than wood, brick and other building materials.

Constructing Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

Unlike many other building types, pre-engineered metal buildings offer a clear span interior with no load bearing walls necessary to support the structure itself. The interior is completely free from obstruction by interior columns, and because the pre-engineered steel buildings are engineered to specific dimensions and load capacities, there are few if any surprises during the construction phase.

The components of pre-engineered metal buildings that depend on each other and work together to form an efficient structural system, are constructed off-site. The pre-engineered metal buildings components are then shipped to the construction site from the manufacturer, where the building is erected by construction personnel taking into account all relevant local and federal building codes and environmental factors.

Benefits to Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

There are a number of very important benefits to pre-engineered metal buildings including:

  • Lower Cost of Ownership – steel is the most economical alternative when considering lifetime of a building
  • Flexible Designs – buildings are built to accommodate many types and styles of building
  • Easier to Retrofit – it is much easier to add on to and expand metal buildings because of their modular design
  • Project Completed More Quickly – most pre-engineered metal buildings are completed in about half the time it takes for other building materials
  • Structural Integrity – with steel as their fundamental component, pre-engineered metal buildings offer better integrity than any other material
  • Longer Warranties – because the mean time to failure for pre-engineered metal buildings is so high, manufacturers offer significantly longer warranties than other materials

Pre-engineered metal buildings have long been the go to choice for many different kinds of new buildings and are more recently used for shopping centers, schools, office buildings and even churches.

Whenever the situation demands affordable structural integrity with plenty of free internal space, pre-engineered metal buildings are wise. Building owners and property managers can rest assured knowing they made the right choice and their buildings will stand the test of time providing long term benefits and the lowest possible long term cost of ownership.