Steel 101: Steel History Constructing the Future

Steel 101: Steel History Constructing the Future

Steel is a highly durable and strong metal that is an alloy of iron and carbon. These two materials are put together because of their high tensile strength that make the resulting steel stronger than either carbon or iron. Carbon is used to stabilize and strengthen the steel by helping to harden the lattice of iron atoms.

How does the history of steel construction give pre-engineered steel structures so many benefits? If you have any familiarity with pre-engineered steel for buildings, the question may have crossed your mind of whether or not this type of construction is truly advantageous, and if so, for what. You may or may not have had some experience with pre-engineered construction already, but we can offer a closer look that will allow you to observe all that a steel structure can do for your own construction project.

Steel 101: Steel History

Welcome to Steel 101 Steel History! Image Building Systems has a team of experts in the field of pre-engineered steel construction. We would love to fill you in on steel construction and offer some insights about the reasons why we, and so many others, love building with steel. One big reason for us is seeing builders improving steel building processes over years of steel construction development.

Though steel is a metal that is used across the world now, it is not a new method or a new metal. Steel was first made in ancient time created with the help of bloomeries and crucibles that can be used in smaller areas. The earliest instance of steel that has been recorded dates back to almost 4,000 years ago in 1800 BC. Steel weapons from this period have been found and are the result of the early work of iron and steel smelters.

Steel was also produced in large quantities in Sparta and Damascus. The first instance of high carbon steel, similar to what we use today, was found in the Indian Subcontinent where it was then exported globally. As steel progressed, new methods of smelting emerged and made the process easier than ever before. Modern steelmaking starts with the same beginning process as the early steelmakers used.

Steel must be first smelted into what is called pig iron in a blast furnace. Early methods used charcoal while current methods use a compound called coke which is cheaper and more economical. Pig iron is the first step to making bar iron which is then used to make steel. The process that what used after the initial process is called the Bessemer process that allows steelmakers to create steel in huge quantities cheaper making it far more economical to create steel.

You may have noticed, but steel construction has grown in popularity and widespread use throughout the years. It commonly makes its appearance in industrial settings, commercial buildings, storage and recreational spaces, and even for residential use. You may be curious what makes pre-manufactured steel a great choice for construction in all of these contexts, both historically and in the future. Perhaps you haven’t yet considered the reasons why steel construction like this may be a great option for your own purposes as well. We can show you a few reasons you may want steel for your construction project.

We want to give you the guarantee that our service and product quality will never be second-rate. Quality matters to construction, and it matters to us. Our buildings are reliable, durable, and sturdy. You will be amazed at their long lifespan and minimal need for maintenance, which can be a major convenience for you! Our steel manufacturers are trusted and known for their quality material. We have access to some of the best building material in the world, and we optimize the material we use to maximize its use and waste nothing. Furthermore, the material is some of the most inexpensive and widely available building material out there.

It might interest you to know some of the history of steel in construction, and what processes have changed and shaped it over time to make it better, to cause its use to become more widespread, and what the current advancement of steel construction could mean for you as you consider constructing new buildings in your business, community, or for homes. This article gives a brief and general overview of the history of steel construction that can help answer your questions. If you would like to know more in detail about steel and its history, you can also contact us at Image Building Systems with further questions, or for any consultation specific to your construction needs or ideas.

Improving Steel Building Processes

The Gilchrest-Thomas method was an improvement on the Bessemer process. The process was improved because the convertor was then lined with a basic metal to help remove phosphorus from the iron ore. As iron smelting and steel making methods evolved it became possible for steelmakers to use these methods to make steel for far less than before. This means that as steel making methods became simpler, the price of steel went down making it more affordable and easier to use in large scale buildings.

The steel industry began to grow with Carnegie Steel and the invention of the modern vehicle. Andrew Carnegie became the steel baron of the United States and was one of the forerunners in making steel a popular building material for just about every building type you could imagine. In 1980 alone there were more than 500,000 steel workers in the United States. Shortly after that in 2000 however the number fell to 224,000. The boom in China has made a great deal of increase in the demand for steel raising overall demand by 6%.

Though demand for steel has since dropped and the steel industry is currently suffering, there is hope for the future as steel has begun to again grow and become more popular. Steel is a material that works wonders and that helped build a nation and really bring a country out of the age of building with wood. Steel is a material that has helped shape the modern world as we know it today and that continues to shape and change the way we perceive our surroundings.

There’s almost nothing you can’t use a space inside a metal structure for! Having the flexibility and versatility a metal structure offers means you can adapt to situations as needed. It’s useful to have this freedom, irregardless of whether your structure is for commercial use, for your community, or for residential purposes. With the development of steel construction over the years, there is a wide variety of possibilities in not only building function, but also the visual appearance and aesthetic of your building. This is great news, since the appearance of buildings can make a bigger difference than ever in today’s architecture! There are so many options in visual design, and having a building material that does not limit these options gives you the upper hand when it comes to visual design as well.

When it comes to constructing your finished designs, our team rises to the top in speed and expertise. The sturdy, quality parts are fabricated and delivered to the site, and our team assembles and erects them to create the sturdiest, most durable and safe structure in a quicker timeframe than other construction companies. This time-effectiveness and quality of building make our team unique, and we treat our clients courteously and with great communication throughout the process to maintain a great relationship and client satisfaction with the completion of the project.

When you contact Image Building Systems, our experts in construction offer insightful consultation about our clients’ projects. This is a great first step, as it gives each client the greatest range of possibilities for building the structure they need. Our process of custom-designing buildings for our clients incorporates this consideration of the structure’s intended use, and the client has the freedom to construct their own versatile, flexible structure to their specifications. This combination of customizability and specialization gives our clients the best quality in their steel construction project.

We also offer some of the best prices on construction materials and labor costs, and design our buildings to maximize energy efficiency, longevity, strength, and efficient use of material. With these factors added together, it is easy to see how our company rises to the top. We leave no factor out of the equation when delivering the best customer and construction experience for you, and we give our best on every project we take on.

Steel Today: Steel Constructing the Future

It’s time to hire a steel construction contractor for your next project! You can’t go wrong with a pre-engineered steel structure, and after seeing all the benefits metal for construction can offer you, you have every reason to invest in this great option today. Our team is here and ready to design and build a steel structure we know you’ll love and benefit from for years and years to come. Make an investment in steel construction today, we know you’ll never go back to traditional construction once you experience the difference for yourself.

Today, one of the most common uses for steel, aside from skyscrapers of course, is corrugated steel buildings. Steel is a material that is going to stand the test of time and that is going to keep its shape, keep its integrity, and truly look great no matter what project you have in mind. Steel is a material that is going to work for a wide range of projects and that is going to be strong and durable. Steel has evolved to become a highly durable, usable, and affordable metal for all your projects making it the first choice for many projects and for many builders and companies.

If you want to learn more about steel buildings you can contact a professional company that can help you to find the building that is going to work for you and that is going to serve your needs. Steel is a truly amazing material, why not make it part of your home and part of your next building project or design plan.

Ready to try steel construction for your own project? You can’t go wrong with the trend of steel constructing the future out of pre-fabricated metal. Our team at Image Building Systems has worked with clients all throughout Arizona, creating steel structures for a wide variety of contexts and purposes. We can guarantee you will find a building solution you’ll love in steel, which is why we’ve given you steel 101: steel history. Contact us to find out more about your options and what years of improving steel building processes could mean for your project today!

No matter the type of construction done, the use of the building, or the context for designing a structure, we believe every client should get the best construction work and quality building available to them. We are happy to work with clients in all kinds of contexts to ensure they have access to great construction in any circumstance. Are you looking for construction on a project? We take every project seriously, and pay close attention to the needs of every customer.

At Image Building Systems we have 14 years of experience designing, constructing, and erecting metal buildings. Our best source of business remains repeat customers. We know when we complete a building, we are not just handing over a set of keys, we are writing another line in our history. Each building is a promise of craftsmanship to our customers.

We are proud to be able to present every client with a long-standing example of our workmanship and skill. Every building will tell its own story of excellence through diligent planning, attention to detail, careful construction, and timely completion. It is our joy and our honor to be able to offer great service and a lasting product to our clients, and we value every opportunity to help them design and erect a new reflection of great construction and ingenious architectural design.

There are a lot of buildings out there, and a lot of examples of unique architectural design. How are you going to make your structure stand out from the rest and capture the attention of your customers or your community? Image Building Systems suggests using pre-engineered steel architecture. We are offering you design options that give you the freedom to customize and create your structure, with the potential to take on greater possibilities for visual appearance than other forms of architecture offer.

At Image Building Systems, we love working with our clients to make their ideas a reality. Helping with the creation of structures and custom-designed metal buildings is our way of expanding your construction horizons, giving you more possibilities for building, and putting the power of creation in your hands. We know that together, we can do more today with construction than ever before. We are excited to harness the power of new construction developments together and create something amazing.

Whether you’re building a commercial establishment, an industrial facility, a manufacturing plant, a recreational institution, an agricultural structure, or a residential building, you want a solid foundation you can rely on. We have you covered, and the affordable, energy-saving, cost-effective, construction we do takes less time and is durable, giving you a structure you can trust and use for just about any purpose. Talk to Image Building Systems today, let us show you how pre-manufactured construction with metal can be the perfect fit for your construction needs.

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