Pre Engineered Steel Buildings are the BEST!

Need Actual Reasons? Here are a few: They're faster and more cost-effective. In most cases, construction time is about 30% faster than site-built projects, cutting your wait time by weeks. That’s money in your pocket! They provides greater design flexibility and expandability. With no interior columns required, metal buildings can offer completely open space; and they can [...]

February 20th, 2017|Steel Buildings|

5 Facts about Clear Span Buildings

There are a number of new building structures that can provide an efficient and economical alternative to metal or wood. These new structures, called Clear Span buildings, can be customized to meet your needs. What exactly is a Clear Span building? A Clear Span building is a fabric structure that can be used to develop [...]

Steel Framing: The Latest in Building Design Technology

  Soaring roof lines, perfectly executed arches on a grand scale, buildings that look like origami sculptures -- what do they all have in common? In addition to their breathtaking ingenuity and futuristic combinations of glass, beams and exposed structural elements, they are all fabricated of steel. They are all beautiful. Many have won awards. [...]

From the World War II Era Quonset Hut to Today: Steel in the Military

  Strong, durable, nearly unbreakable, steel has long been a favorite of militaries around the world.  The earliest recorded incidence of steel use dates back to 1800 BC.  Steel from this period was made by steel smelters who specialized in making weapons for their fighting forces. Since then, steel is used for everything from weapons [...]

The History of Metal Buildings

From wartime quonset huts to modern sporting facilities, spanning maximum distance with no internal support has been an important goal for designers of engineered steel buildings. It is no different today, although the variety of uses has been expanded to include virtually any structure imaginable, from car dealerships to houses of worship. Not a New [...]