What is a Pre-Engineered Metal Building System?

Why choose steel? End-users, contractors and architects often choose metal or steel over other materials in commercial construction because of its many benefits. There are many advantages of metal buildings. The key benefits of using metal are:

·         Economical

·         Durability

·         Low maintenance

·         Energy efficiency

·         Flexibility

·         Many choices

·         Sustainable and renewable

·         Meets standards for LEED-qualified buildings

What is a pre-engineered metal building system?

There is a big difference between buying a cheap kit building versus a pre-engineered metal building system from an accredited manufacturer.

A pre-engineered metal building system is custom-engineered specifically to meet your requirements. The design, engineering and fabrication are all handled by a single source. This helps contractors and erectors to construct metal buildings quickly since the framing system and the components are all designed to fit together with little to no field modifications required. The entire manufacturing process is optimized to minimize wastage providing additional cost savings.

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