Along with its durability, steel confers numbers of other advantages over wood, stone, or concrete construction.

  • Steel can be formed into any shape and covered in any material, including more steel designed to look like stone, bricks, or any other facade.
  • Steel is flexible and resists dynamic forces, making it ideal for areas with heavy seismic activity or high winds.
  • Fabrication is performed off the jobsite; construction consists of bolting the frame together. A building can be erected much quicker and easier than using other materials.
  • Steel frames are up to 90% lighter than a comparable frame of concrete.

A growing economy and population require more storage and more facilities with open space for activities. Sports arenas are a popular use for clear span construction as are the extremely broad warehouses and distribution centers of retailers like Costco, Walmart, and Amazon.

Industrial farming and ranching also favor clear span buildings. Large numbers of animals can be housed out of the weather in a flexible floor arrangement of pens. Agricultural equipment from tractors are more easily moved and stored inside a clear span building.

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