Advantages of Building with Pre-Engineered Steel Systems


·         Steel buildings are versatile, allowing for great flexibility in design to suit your application


·         Open floor plans are possible due to the capability of the steel frame to span large spaces without intermediate         supports


·         Building structure arrives at the job ready to erect, reducing building time, which saves labor time on site


·         Delays due to weather are less of a factor since the steel components are prepared off site in a factory


·         Waste is eliminated since only components needed for the structure are delivered to the site


·         Steel is recyclable so it’s use is environmentally responsible


·         There are many options which promote energy efficiency and can earn LEED points


·         Steel is durable and dimensionally stable, producing a strong building envelope which will not harbor insects, withstands heavy winds and snow loads


·         Interior and exterior finishes can be veneered on top of the steel walls to create a wide variety of appearances



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