ASTM B1117 Standards & Corrosion Protection

ASTM B1117 Standards & Corrosion Protection

Image Building Systems is a Norseman Fabric Buildings dealer here in sunny Arizona. Norseman has just released an informative whitepaper on corrosion protection choices. If you are considering having all your steel hot-dipped and want to know the corrosion standards on metal buildings, this is a must-read. Corrosion protection for metal is an important part of metal construction of all kinds, and if you are building with metal, you may need to know the requirements and regulations involved in the process which includes corrosion protection.

How do you protect your metal building from corrosion? If you have any familiarity with pre-engineered steel for buildings, the question may have crossed your mind of whether or not this type of construction is truly advantageous, and if so, for what. You may or may not have had some experience with pre-engineered construction already, but we can offer a closer look that will allow you to observe all that a steel structure can do for your business, your home, or your community.

If you are unfamiliar or vaguely familiar with the process of metal corrosion, and what it does to metal structures, a good place to start would be to explain the process. Corrosion, or rust (technically referred to as iron oxidation) is the process where metal surfaces become degraded due to the exposure of iron to oxygen in the atmosphere. These two elements react with one another to form iron oxide (rust), a process which damages and eventually corrodes metal away. There are standards in place for protecting metal structures against corrosion using some kind of coating to protect the metallic surfaces.

We want to give you the guarantee that our service and product quality will never be second-rate. Quality matters to construction, and it matters to us. Our buildings are reliable, durable, and sturdy. You will be amazed at their long lifespan and minimal need for maintenance, which can be a major convenience for you! Our steel manufacturers are trusted and known for their quality material. We have access to some of the best building material in the world, and we optimize the material we use to maximize its use and waste nothing. Furthermore, the material is some of the most inexpensive and widely available building material out there. With the proper corrosion protection, your structure will last many lifetimes.

Image Building Systems has a team of construction experts who have worked with steel in a variety of contexts, and have seen the ways people in Arizona businesses and communities commonly get corrosion protection through methods of coating the steel for construction of buildings they design. The methods used and what is the best way to ensure corrosion protection, what our clients will need to keep within regulations, and any other information about corrosion should be available to you and to all our clients. Feel free to read the details in our white paper, and to gain some information about corrosion and corrosion protection for metal construction in this article.

Metal Coating Corrosion Protection & Safety

You may have noticed, but steel construction has grown in popularity and widespread use throughout the years. It commonly makes its appearance in industrial settings, commercial buildings, storage and recreational spaces, and even for residential use. You may be curious what makes pre-manufactured steel a great choice for construction in all of these contexts. Perhaps you haven’t yet considered the reasons why steel construction like this may be a great option for your own purposes as well. We can show you a few reasons you may want steel for your project, and how you can save money finding the material you need to build.

Pre-Engineered buildings have several options for corrosion protection from steel coatings like prime paint or inline galvanizing to hot-dipped galvanizing or epoxy coating there are many options. Knowing about steel coating corrosion protection is important for you if you own or plan on owning a steel structure. Some of the different coating methods for improving the corrosion resistance of metals and metal structures available to you might include anodisation, plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO), chromate conversion, or simply powder-coating or painting.

Anodising metal involves using an electrical current through a conductive solution bath to create an aluminum oxidation reaction on the surface of the metal that thickens with the amount of time the process  is undertaken. This coating can be painted over or dyed, or it can stand alone to allow for preservation of the original metal aesthetic.

Plasma electrolytic oxidation involves a process of building up an oxidation layer (same as anodisation), a co-deposition of electrolyte elements into this layer, and finally using plasma to refine the coating. This coating is generally harder than anodisation coatings, as well as being more porous, adhesive, and environmentally friendly due to its non-toxic by-products and non-hazardous chemical solutions.

Chromate conversion involves applying chromic acid, sodium, and chromate compounds to metal surfaces resulting in a film. This coating contains hydrated compounds and can even re-form this film over exposed areas of the metal thanks to the chromium it contains to stop iron oxidation. However, the chemical compounds in this process are more hazardous than the other processes, and thus the method is becoming more strictly regulated in manufacturing.

Simply painting the surface of metal or powder-coating (slightly thicker, more quickly applied coatings) are another way to easily protect the surface of metal and create an attractive visual aesthetic. They can be applied over most other coatings as well. This white paper should help you make a more informed decision for the building owner or the GC.

We want to give you the guarantee that our service and product quality will never be second-rate. Quality matters to construction, and it matters to us. Our buildings are reliable, durable, and sturdy. You will be amazed at their long lifespan and minimal need for maintenance, which can be a major convenience for you! Our steel manufacturers are trusted and known for their quality material. We have access to some of the best building material in the world, and we optimize the material we use to maximize its use and waste nothing. Furthermore, the material is some of the most inexpensive and widely available building material out there. This makes design and corrosion protection affordable and flexible for you.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel for Structures

Hot dip galvanizing (HDG) is another common method of coating metal and steel against corrosion. In this process, the metal is immersed in molten zinc, which reacts with the steel in an alloy coating. This creates a barrier over the metal surface, provides a cathodic coating (a substitute metal to face corrosion in place of the steel), and creates a patina (a sheen which is both aesthetic and resists wear more effectively). This is often the preferred method of coating metal structures because it is long-lasting and cost-effective (less expensive than paint, while still creating a more beautiful visual appeal than other coatings). There are specifications about coating steel structures with this method, and you will want to learn the details in order to know how to coat your metal for your own project.

Hot dipped galvanized steel is one of the most common and effective methods for protecting metal structures from corrosion that we have seen. We know that this particular process is well-trusted and relied-upon by business owners, communities, homeowners, and other metal structure owners throughout Arizona. This method of coating metal structures for corrosion protection is worthy of recommendation, and we would be open to talking with you if you have further questions about the process or about corrosion protection in general.

Image Building Systems has worked with metal construction throughout Arizona for years, and corrosion protection is important to us as it is to the construction industry as a whole. We are here to talk with you about how corrosion protection works, what corrosion protection your building might need, what options are available to you, and how our team can help to provide what you need. Safe, reliable, long-lasting, and beautiful buildings are a priority to us, and we strive to provide some of the best steel construction, including attentiveness to the requirements of corrosion protection.

With the development of visual structures in steel construction over the years, there is a wide variety of possibilities in not only building function, but also the visual appearance and aesthetic of your building, with the inclusion of your choice in corrosion protection. This is great news, since the appearance of buildings can make a bigger difference than ever in today’s architecture! There are so many options in visual design, and having a building material that does not limit these options gives you the upper hand when it comes to visual design as well.

Corrosion Standards on Metal Buildings

Considering the damage that corrosion does to metal over time, slowly eating away the surface of the metal as it reacts with oxygen to change form and gradually disintegrate, thinning out material and eventually weakening it to a point of becoming dangerous, you can see the importance of regulations and standards on corrosion protection for metal buildings. We keep these standards in mind and make them a priority, knowing the safety of our clients and their structures are always of greatest importance when we build.

Now that you have seen a few of the ways that metal corrosion can be prevented, you may want to do some further research to find out what might be required for your own metal structure’s corrosion protection. You will want to find out what the standards are, and what is the safest, most efficient and cost-effective option for getting your metals coated. We recommend hot dipped galvanized steel for most metal structures, but we recommend you first familiarize yourself with the corrosion protection requirements listed here. Feel free to consult us if you have questions or are looking for recommendations on your steel construction.

For a custom designed metal building estimate give the largest and most trusted metal building company in Arizona a call. Contact Image Building Systems and find your sturdy, modern metal building. The nation recognizes our expertise in the field of construction and pre-engineered metal building. We have been accredited, nationally recognized, and named the top company for steel construction in Arizona. When it comes to American quality, we have a lot to show for our past experience! You can turn to our company for your steel construction needs today, and find the stability and reliability your community or business seeks.

If you are interested in learning more about metal corrosion protection standards for buildings here in Arizona, please download this white paper and contact a fabric building expert at Image Building Systems. We are here to help, and our expert team is always happy to offer insight about the process we use to make great metal buildings, what we can do to ensure corrosion protection, and how we strive to meet and raise standards in the construction industry.

It’s time to hire a steel construction contractor for your next project! You can’t go wrong with a pre-engineered steel structure, and after seeing all the benefits metal for construction can offer you, you have every reason to invest in this great option today. Our team is here and ready to design and build a steel structure we know you’ll love and benefit from for years and years to come. Make an investment in steel construction today, we know you’ll never go back to traditional construction once you experience the difference for yourself.

Image Building Systems is known for their reliable, top-quality metal structures, and this includes ability to withstand weathering and climate thanks to our effective steel development processes and the ways we protect our metal from corrosion. We are excited to connect with you, and we hope to build with you for your own steel structure, offering our characteristic first-rate construction and a promise that our metal structures will last without suffering corrosion and weakening.

At Image Building Systems we have 14 years of experience designing, constructing, and erecting metal buildings. Our best source of business remains repeat customers. We know when we complete a building, we are not just handing over a set of keys, we are writing another line in our history. Each building is a promise of craftsmanship to our customers.

We are proud to be able to present every client with a long-standing example of our workmanship and skill. Every building will tell its own story of excellence through diligent planning, attention to detail, careful construction, and timely completion. It is our joy and our honor to be able to offer great service and a lasting product to our clients, and we value every opportunity to help them design and erect a new reflection of great construction and ingenious architectural design.

Whether you’re building a commercial establishment, an industrial facility, a manufacturing plant, a recreational institution, an agricultural structure, or a residential building, you want a solid foundation you can rely on. We have you covered, and the affordable, energy-saving, cost-effective, construction we do takes less time and is durable, giving you a structure you can trust and use for just about any purpose. Talk to Image Building Systems today, let us show you how pre-manufactured construction with metal can be the perfect fit for your construction needs.


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