Closer Look At Metal Construction Benefits

Closer Look At Metal Construction Benefits

Ever wondered what sets metal apart as a construction material? As it begins to rise in popularity, more and more people are looking for metal construction and wondering what makes it rise above other building materials. Our team of experts at Image Building Systems has put together a list to give you a closer look at metal construction benefits. Seeing the ways designing with pre engineered metal and pre fabricated metal parts can give your project an upper hand could show you what you could have to gain in looking for metal construction of your own.

Are how beneficial is building with steel? If you have any familiarity with pre-engineered steel for buildings, the question may have crossed your mind of whether or not this type of construction is truly advantageous, and if so, for what. You may or may not have had some experience with pre-engineered construction already, but we can offer a closer look that will allow you to observe all that a steel structure can do for your business, your home, or your community.

A Closer Look At Metal Construction Benefits and Advantages

Benefits of using metal for constructionWhen it comes to construction, there are a lot of different types of building materials on the market. While wood is always a popular choice, metal can also be extremely useful for constructing buildings of all shapes and sizes. The following section takes a closer look at the benefits of using metal for construction. You may be surprised by all of the advantages that this durable building material has to offer.

1. Metal is extremely strong and can withstand severe weather.

Buildings in certain parts of the world are exposed to extremely severe weather. From hurricanes and tropical storms to tornadoes, high winds, and heavy rain, major weather events can damage wooden buildings. Metal buildings, on the other hand, are much more capable of withstanding this type of weather without sustaining significant damage. Having such durability and resilience against weather means both maintenance costs and insurance costs will be lower for your metal building than they would be for traditional construction. Keep reading to see how Image Building Systems goes into greater detail on these two aspects of metal construction later on in the article.

We want to give you the guarantee that our service and product quality will never be second-rate. Quality matters to construction, and it matters to us. Our buildings are reliable, durable, and sturdy. You will be amazed at their long lifespan and minimal need for maintenance, which can be a major convenience for you! Our steel manufacturers are trusted and known for their quality material. We have access to some of the best building material in the world, and we optimize the material we use to maximize its use and waste nothing. Furthermore, the material is some of the most inexpensive and widely available building material out there. This makes visual design affordable and flexible for you.

2. Metal is more eco-friendly.

Because of its ability to be recycled, metal is often considered to be an eco-friendly building material. Reducing your energy use and cost of power to operate your facility isn’t all that steel construction does either. Because steel can be completely recycled, our buildings are sustainable and a great form of waste-free construction for the business context and any context. You can save money on construction and operating your facility at the same time as you can lighten your environmental impact with the guarantee that you have one of the most eco-friendly construction options out there.

Recycled metal can be used during the construction process. Likewise, if the building ever needs to be torn down, the metal can again be recycled and used in another project. Although wood can sometimes be salvaged and reused, it is generally just discarded, making it far less eco-friendly. Using metal for your construction can not only save you money, it will lessen your environmental conscience. Its ease of maintenance also take a load off your shoulders that will keep you feeling relieved for years and years to come. The eco-friendly cost-effective and low-maintenance aspects of metal construction mean this type of building pays off, irregardless of the purpose your structure might be serving.


3. Metal is fire resistant.

Metal buildings tend to be able to withstand fire better than those that are made from wood. This can result in lower insurance costs. Most insurance companies offer lower rates for buildings that use metal in their construction, simply because they are less likely to catch on fire or to be damaged by other natural disasters.

Saving money on insurance as well as maintenance means the long term cost difference between metal construction and traditional construction is wildly significant! There is no telling what a significant difference in expenses metal construction can make for you, especially if you own your business for many years. Liabilities can be a big expense to businesses, as well as to communities in general. Reducing your liability to fire can save you a lot of unexpected expense, and ensure the better security of your business.

The Benefits Pre Fabricated Metal Parts Offer

Not only is metal a great material for building, our process of pre engineering structures from pre fabricated metal parts offers a number of advantages that cut your costs down and make construction and maintenance much easier for you. Having advantages like these is important for building in any context, whether for a community building, a recreational facility, a church, an agricultural structure, a manufacturing plant, an industrial or commercial complex, or a residential building. Let us show you an in-depth look at these two advantages, and invite you to imagine what these can do for you and the structure you plan to build.

4. Metal is extremely easy to maintain.

It tends to be highly durable and is resistant to problems such as pests or rot. Because most metal that is used in construction projects is also rust resistant, it can last for many years without the need for intensive maintenance. Replacing parts of your metal building is also possible with pre engineered metal parts. They can even be recycled!

Maintenance for traditionally constructed buildings is a significant long-term cost. With the ease of maintenance metal offers you, long-term costs will be much less of a burden for you. These long-run savings can mean even more for you as a building owner than the up-front costs of the project. You’ll want to take this aspect into consideration when looking at what your construction project will cost you, and you may find you have another great reason to choose metal!

With the development of steel construction over the years, there is a wide variety of possibilities in not only building function, but also the visual appearance and aesthetic of your building as you grow and operate your business. This is great news, since the appearance of buildings can make a bigger difference than ever in today’s architecture! There are so many options in visual design, and having a building material that does not limit these options gives you the upper hand when it comes to visual design as well.

5. Metal buildings are fast to erect.

Building with metal tends to be much faster than building with wood. This is largely due to the fact that many parts are pre-engineered at a factory before being shipped to the job site. That means that they don’t have to be cut to size. Instead, they can be instantly erected after they arrive. This can help keep the labor costs associated with a construction project down as much as possible. The less time that workers have to spend on the job, the less money the project will cost to complete.

Having to spend less on labor as well as resources and materials for metal construction means great cost-saving advantages for you and your project. The ease of maintenance on your building after its construction takes this a step further, as you will be able to save money and effort for years and years after the project’s completion.

Once you understand the benefits of using metal for construction, it is easy to see why it is such a popular choice. This durable material is eco-friendly and can withstand a lot more severe conditions than wood. From severe weather to the threat of fire, metal can usually handle whatever comes its way without sustaining major damage. This can result in lower insurance rates.

Additionally, because metal parts are usually prefabricated, they are fast to put together, helping to speed up construction times and keeping building costs down as much as possible. Having a form of construction that takes almost no time to prepare (our resources for steel construction have great availability, and are ready to go on a flexible, convenient, and quick timeframe) and very little time to assemble (labor costs over time are one of the major costs of construction, and the ease of assembly as well as the expertise of our team greatly minimalize this cots) gives you a fantastic advantage with your construction project and your ability to keep it within your budget.

There’s almost nothing you can’t use a space inside a metal structure for! Having the flexibility and versatility a metal structure offers means you can adapt to situations as needed. It’s useful to have this freedom, irregardless of whether your structure is for commercial use, for your community, or for residential purposes, and especially for the business realm. Your imagination does not have to be limited, nor does your project’s function.

Looking for Metal Construction for Your Project?

This is only the start of an in-depth analysis of what makes metal construction a great building choice. We have listed the advantages we feel clients mention most often and appreciate, but we know of many more ways that steel construction can be beneficial. We can’t recommend enough that you choose pre-engineered steel for your next building project. Not only does this type of construction offer a lot of advantages over other types of construction, but our team of architects and builders at Image Building Systems offers you an advantage as well. Our team has many years experience, and have seen projects completed in just about every context of building.

It’s time to hire a steel construction contractor for your next project! You can’t go wrong with a pre-engineered steel structure, and after seeing all the benefits metal for construction can offer you, you have every reason to invest in this great option today. Our team is here and ready to design and build a steel structure we know you’ll love and benefit from for years and years to come. Make an investment in steel construction today, we know you’ll never go back to traditional construction once you experience the difference for yourself.

Our company has the high capacity to take on building projects of any scale. We can offer the best quality, fastest construction, and best prices on pre-engineered construction thanks to the expertise of our team, the availability of our resources, and the efficiency of our company. Turn to Image Building Systems for great steel construction!

At Image Building Systems we have 14 years of experience designing, constructing, and erecting metal buildings. Our best source of business remains repeat customers. We know when we complete a building, we are not just handing over a set of keys, we are writing another line in our history. Each building is a promise of craftsmanship to our customers.

We are proud to be able to present every client with a long-standing example of our workmanship and skill. Every building will tell its own story of excellence through diligent planning, attention to detail, careful construction, and timely completion. It is our joy and our honor to be able to offer great service and a lasting product to our clients, and we value every opportunity to help them design and erect a new reflection of great construction and ingenious architectural design.

No matter the type of construction done, the use of the building, or the context for designing a structure, we believe every client should get the best construction work and quality building available to them. We are happy to work with clients in all kinds of contexts to ensure they have access to great construction in any circumstance. Are you looking for construction on a project? We take every project seriously, and pay close attention to the needs of every customer.

Are you looking for metal construction on your own building project? Image Building Systems is here to help! Our expert team has worked with clients throughout Arizona for years, and our quality work is highly trusted! Contact us to discuss options for your own pre fabricated metal parts and structures. We look forward to connecting with you!

Whether you’re building a commercial establishment, an industrial facility, a manufacturing plant, a recreational institution, an agricultural structure, or a residential building, you want a solid foundation you can rely on. We have you covered, and the affordable, energy-saving, cost-effective, construction we do takes less time and is durable, giving you a structure you can trust and use for just about any purpose. Talk to Image Building Systems today, let us show you how pre-manufactured construction with metal can be the perfect fit for your construction needs.

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