Boosting your business is a popular topic, especially as the economy continues to recover. Opportunity is knocking but is it knocking on your door? These five construction decisions can help you obtain more space, create a custom space for your business, and help save you money by lowering costs and boosting efficiency. Are you ready to boost business?

1. Expansion: Purposefully Growing

It is a big decision to expand your business. You’ve struggled as a startup, and your success has taken your business to a new level. It’s scary but at the same time your talent is driving customers to your door.

Expanding a business is one thing, but purposefully growing your business is another. Do you need more space or do you need customized space? Will the business expansion just fix your current spatial needs or will it handle your business needs for the next decade? All of these questions come up when you purposefully expand your business. There are leaders who react and those who plan carefully.

Expanding your business by using pre-engineered architecture is one way to increase efficiency and still have space to develop new products or services.

2. Creating Customized Space

Not every business fits into a rectangle. Sometimes you need customized space to either fit your production needs or to showcase your work. Either way, customized space can boost your business by allowing you to tailor it to meet your specific business needs, whether that be increasing the efficiency of producing a product or creating a space that is pleasing to customers. Efficiency in business is a measure of bottom line costs. When you work efficiently, it saves money on labor. When your processes are efficient they save money because you use fewer resources to produce more product.

Customized workspace is a boost to businesses because it allows you to design a space that reduces labor, while also creating a space that streamlines production. Pre-engineered architecture is a perfect way to create a customized space that is affordable.

3. Lower Costs

Exchanging a rent payment for a property payment sets your business up to reduce costs long-term. Once your building, construction, and property are paid for they become an asset that you can use to leverage your business. What could you do ten years from now if you did not have to pay rent? Could you put that money into growing your business? Absolutely you could. That is the beauty of long-term planning. Investing in your own property is a positive long-term goal that helps create positive assets and reduce long-term spending.

4. Creating Multi-functional Space

How often do you use the space you currently have? Are there places in your current building that only find use now and then? A conference center or meeting room is a good example of a space that many businesses have and need, but that only find use on occasion. What if you had a space that encompassed all of those occasional usages, but because of its design became one of the most highly used spaces in your business? The ROI on such a space would increase. You would not be paying for a space that you rarely used, and it would free up other space for other uses. The smart design works wonders for increasing efficiency and performance, and both boost your business.

5. Location, Location, Location

For many businesses, a prime location is expensive. Zoning laws often restrict some types of businesses from certain areas within a municipality. The cheaper cost of modular buildings means that many small businesses can develop property in areas where land is less expensive, and where the location also offers them the most advantage. Splitting your business into two or more locations can make a lot of sense. By moving your manufacturing plant outside of a city, enables the business to exist by removing the cities regulations. The cheaper land and cheaper building costs outside of prime locations means you are not paying inflated rent just to be in a prime location. While the location is important, you can still have a smaller space in a prime location.

By splitting your business locations you gain compliance, lower costs, and still have access to a prime business location. This option gives you the best of both worlds.

These five reasons show how making the right construction choices can help boost your business. The process begins by creating smart goals and then developing intelligent designs that support your business. If your business is more than just a rectangle in someone else’s building, consider creating your own building in a space that compliments your business.