Metal Construction for Business: 5 Ways to Boost Business

Metal Construction for Business: 5 Ways to Boost Business

Boosting your business is a popular topic, especially as the economy continues to recover. Opportunity is knocking but is it knocking on your door? These five construction decisions can help you obtain more space, create a custom space for your business, and help save you money by lowering costs and boosting efficiency. Using metal construction for business is a great idea because of the potential for metal structures expanding businesses in an affordable way, and custom multi-function metal business spaces adding greater functionality to your business facilities. Are you ready to boost business?

With fourteen years of experience in steel construction, our company is well established and has been leading the industry of pre-engineered metal for a long time, setting standards and displaying an outstanding performance. Our team has expertise and skill, working with efficiency and building the sturdiest, most durable steel structures in Arizona in record times. We know what it takes to be number one in Arizona when it comes to steel construction requires excellence in not just one, but several categories in both service and construction.

You may have noticed, but steel construction has grown in popularity and widespread use throughout the years. It commonly makes its appearance in industrial settings, commercial buildings, storage and recreational spaces, and even for residential use. You may be curious what makes pre-manufactured steel a great choice for construction in all of these contexts. Perhaps you haven’t yet considered the reasons why steel construction like this may be a great option for your own purposes as well.

There’s almost nothing you can’t use a space inside a clear span metal structure for! Having the flexibility and versatility a metal structure offers means you can adapt to situations as needed. It’s useful to have this freedom, irregardless of whether your structure is for commercial use, for your community, or for residential purposes. Image Building Systems, being the top Arizona metal construction contractor, can’t recommend metal enough for your construction project. Metals lightweight properties make it an easy, flexible choice that you can use to construct just about anything imaginable, while maintaining a structurally sound building.

1. Metal Structures Expanding Businesses: Purposefully Growing

It is a big decision to expand your business. You’ve struggled as a startup, and your success has taken your business to a new level. It’s scary but at the same time your talent is driving customers to your door.

Expanding a business is one thing, but purposefully growing your business is another. Do you need more space or do you need customized space? Will the business expansion just fix your current spatial needs or will it handle your business needs for the next decade? All of these questions come up when you purposefully expand your business. There are leaders who react and those who plan carefully.

Expanding your business by using pre-engineered architecture is one way to increase efficiency and still have space to develop new products or services. Without the heavy expenses of typical energy use, rent, liabilities, and others, you also can save up the funds you need to make other changes and grow your business in other ways. Not only can extra space be a big help, but time and money are a couple of your most valuable resources that steel construction can help you save.

2. Metal Construction for Business Creating Customized Space

Not every business fits into a rectangle. Sometimes you need customized space to either fit your production needs or to showcase your work. Either way, customized space can boost your business by allowing you to tailor it to meet your specific business needs, whether that be increasing the efficiency of producing a product or creating a space that is pleasing to customers. Efficiency in business is a measure of bottom line costs. When you work efficiently, it saves money on labor. When your processes are efficient they save money because you use fewer resources to produce more product.

Customized workspace is a boost to businesses because it allows you to design a space that reduces labor, while also creating a space that streamlines production. Pre-engineered architecture is a perfect way to create a customized space that is affordable.

3. Lower Costs Of Metal Business Buildings

Exchanging a rent payment for a property payment sets your business up to reduce costs long-term. Once your building, construction, and property are paid for they become an asset that you can use to leverage your business. What could you do ten years from now if you did not have to pay rent? Could you put that money into growing your business? Absolutely you could. That is the beauty of long-term planning. Investing in your own property is a positive long-term goal that helps create positive assets and reduce long-term spending.

We want to give you the guarantee that our service and product quality will never be second-rate. Quality matters to construction, and it matters to us. Our buildings are reliable, durable, and sturdy. You will be amazed at their long lifespan and minimal need for maintenance, which can be a major convenience for you! Our steel manufacturers are trusted and known for their quality material. We have access to some of the best building material in the world, and we optimize the material we use to maximize its use and waste nothing. Furthermore, the material is some of the most inexpensive and widely available building material out there.

Don’t forget that steel construction is a great energy-reducing and sustainable option. Reducing your energy use and cost of power to operate your facility are just a few of the ways steel benefits you. Steel is also reusable and recyclable material; more than 80 million tons of steel are estimated to be recycled per year. Because steel can be completely recycled, our buildings are sustainable and a great form of waste-free construction. You can save money on construction and operating your facility at the same time as you can lighten your environmental conscience with the knowledge that you have one of the most eco-friendly construction available.

4. Creating Multi-function Metal Business Spaces

How often do you use the space you currently have? Are there places in your current building that only find use now and then? A conference center or meeting room is a good example of a space that many businesses have and need, but that only find use on occasion. What if you had a space that encompassed all of those occasional usages, but because of its design became one of the most highly used spaces in your business? The ROI on such a space would increase. You would not be paying for a space that you rarely used, and it would free up other space for other uses. The smart design works wonders for increasing efficiency and performance, and both boost your business.

In the event that your company or organization changes over time, and you find yourself needing space for a new purpose or expanding and needing to take up a larger area, it’s good to have a multi-purpose space that can be easily adapted. That way you don’t need to have extra unused rooms around in the event they become necessary. Rather, you can convert and use existing rooms effortlessly, optimizing the space you own for all the roles it has to fill.

5. Location, Location, Location

For many businesses, a prime location is expensive. Zoning laws often restrict some types of businesses from certain areas within a municipality. The cheaper cost of modular buildings means that many small businesses can develop property in areas where land is less expensive, and where the location also offers them the most advantage. Splitting your business into two or more locations can make a lot of sense. By moving your manufacturing plant outside of a city, enables the business to exist by removing the cities regulations. The cheaper land and cheaper building costs outside of prime locations means you are not paying inflated rent just to be in a prime location.

While the location is important, you can still have a smaller space in a prime location. Having a smaller space also does not have to limit you! As mentioned previously, our designs allow for you to create spaces that can serve many purposes. Putting your building in a prime location can be affordable, and you can gain an advantage for your business in a prime location even if the space is small. Talk to us if you want to discuss details on your project, and how we can help you optimize your space and location for business.

By splitting your business locations you gain compliance, lower costs, and still have access to a prime business location. This option gives you the best of both worlds. It can be difficult to find a construction option that gives you both freedom to choose locations strategically, and saves you time and money on quality work. These are a few of the factors that make pre-engineered metal building such a great idea for business owners.

Making decisions about big change in your business can be an intimidating step. You want your business to grow, but it can be difficult to know which changes will benefit your business to a degree that is worth while, and what changes could not have a strong enough effect, or even hurt the business! In a time with so much change occurring, it is more difficult than ever to know what changes can benefit a business, if any. We believe you can always find ways to boost your business, even in the face of challenges, if you are willing to strategize and take on some level of risk.

With these tips, you may gain the confidence to make a construction change for your business. Thankfully, steel construction with Image Building Systems is some of the best quality, fastest, and most affordable out there. It will also save energy and have no negative impact on the environment, giving your business a sustainable long-term advantage. These are the kinds of changes for your business that you can put faith in to grow your success.

At Image Building Systems we have 14 years of experience designing, constructing, and erecting metal buildings. Our best source of business remains repeat customers. We know when we complete a building, we are not just handing over a set of keys, we are writing another line in our history. Each building is a promise of craftsmanship to our customers.

We are proud to be able to present every client with a long-standing example of our workmanship and skill. Every building will tell its own story of excellence through diligent planning, attention to detail, careful construction, and timely completion. It is our joy and our honor to be able to offer great service and a lasting product to our clients, and we value every opportunity to help them design and erect a new reflection of great construction and ingenious architectural design.

If you are looking to construct a building for your business, organization, or community, pre-engineered metal buildings can give you the great quality, flexible design, and durability you need in a quick, convenient time frame. Your building will be there, ready for you and fully functional right on time when you need it. If you have a tight schedule for constructing your building, pre-engineered metal construction could be a particularly strategic option for you.

During times of uncertainty, difficulty, fear, and instability, many find an opportunity to grow stronger, learn new strategies for adapting to the unexpected, and return to their pursuits with newfound confidence, wisdom, determination, and strength to endure. They may find that despite the insecurity and high stakes, they are able to achieve greater success than they were before. They find a new and better way. Image Building Systems can help you master the challenges facing you and take hold of a new success. Turn to us to build your metal structures, and meet our friendly, experienced team of builders!

It’s time to hire a steel construction contractor for your next project! You can’t go wrong with a pre-engineered steel structure, and after seeing all the benefits metal for construction can offer you, you have every reason to invest in this great option today. Our team is here and ready to design and build a steel structure we know you’ll love and benefit from for years and years to come. Make an investment in steel construction today, we know you’ll never go back to traditional construction once you experience the difference for yourself.

Whether you’re building a commercial establishment, an industrial facility, a manufacturing plant, a recreational institution, an agricultural structure, or a residential building, you want a solid foundation you can rely on. We have you covered, and the affordable, energy-saving, cost-effective, construction we do takes less time and is durable, giving you a structure you can trust and use for just about any purpose. Talk to Image Building Systems today, let us show you how pre-manufactured construction with metal can be the perfect fit for your construction needs.

These five reasons show how making the right construction choices can help boost your business. The process begins by creating smart goals and then developing intelligent designs that support your business. If your business is more than just a rectangle in someone else’s building, consider creating your own building in a space that compliments your business.

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