Anytime you need a covered space with no columns cluttering up the inside, clear span is for you.

What is clear span?

Clear Span is an open area without any structural supports. Therefore, the inside span from outside column is clear of obstructions. (the span of the building is the width of the frame).

Clear span construction is designed steel frame that has high strength and durability. The frame requires no interior supports, resulting in an extremely versatile and economical building. With no need for interior bracing or columns, it’s easy to partition off sections for various uses, easily rearrange them if needed, or just leave it as open space.

Clear span are ideal for the following structures:

  • warehouses
  • agricultural buildings
  • churches
  • manufacturing facilities
  • storage buildings
  • factories
  • aircraft hangers
  • enclosed riding arenas
  • recreational Facilities & gymnasiums

Any structure housing a large audience needs to be a pre-engineered clear span steel building. Call Image Building Systems to discuss the perfect clear span steel building for you 602-216-3706 and see our projects on our website at